the cycling podcast

For the past few months I have been working on a collaborative bike cup project with The Cycling Podcast, which is a podcast about professional bike races.

I love to watch pro-cycling races- I especially love the scenery and find inspiration in the European villages- and have been listening to this podcast for years.

A few years ago I contacted the podcast after listening to some interviews and segments about and by a Virginia native cyclist, Joe Dombroski, who I had designated as cupworthy, with the hope that they might be willing to help me get a cup to him. They did generously and kindly help- so, one of the hosts was sent a cup as well.

Richard Moore with his cup.

A few months ago I was contacted by the podcast about making limited edition Cycling Podcast cups and we have been working on details and it has come together.

These cups are discussed in this week’s episode of the podcast- which also features a discussion of one of my favorite races, Paris-Roubaix. This is really, really exciting for me. I gave away my first cup to a cyclist in 2013 and it started something for me (cupstalking) which felt positive and always brought happiness all around. For these cups to be getting this recognition feels like not only the right path but, also fulfills a dream.

The cups are mentioned at 1:05:20 but, the whole podcast is great and well worth listening to.